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The VSS is a suppressed sniper rifle with permanent 4X scope & chambered for 9mm ammo. This weapon is a very rare loot spawn.


The VSS uses a pre suppressed barrel and scope, meaning it is great for sniping at any range and allows the perfect stealth opportunity. Its Subsonic 9mm rounds can kill most unhelmeted players with a single shot and body shots from about 2-3 rounds. However, using this weapon can be Challenging, as the bullet travels slowly, making it very difficult to shoot moving targets. It is advisable to fire at stationary targets in single shots. The bullet velocity of this weapon never slows down allowing for constant distance compensation. This weapon has low overall recoil making sustained semi-automatic fire relatively controllable.Overall rating: 8.5/10


It can rarely be looted.

Scope Details

The scope of this weapon is integrated and naturally set at 4X, what sets this scope out is the integrated rangefinder, allowing you to judge how far your enemies are, and, if necessary, switch to a sniper with a faster bullet velocity.

Use During Gameplay

The VSS should not be used for ultra long range shooting, as the bullet velocity will make this nearly impossible, and instead should be used for distances of 250-500 as the fast fire rate will allow quick kills. In a pinch, switching to full auto with extended mag can provide last-minute auto fire weapon while using ADS.



Integrated Suppressor.


Permanent PSO-1-1 (4x) scope.


Extended Mag, QuickDraw Mag, Extended QuickDraw Mag.


Cheek Pad.


  • It is based on the VSS Vintorez, a Russian sniper rifle used by the Spetsnaz
  • It is the only gun with permanent attachments.

Patch changes

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