Battle Points are the in-game currency used in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

  • Battle Points are awarded after a player has been eliminated from a match. The amount varies depending upon:
  • How long a player lasted.
  • Total amount of kills a player has made (20/pk solo, 15/pk duo, 10/pk squad)
  • Total amount of damage a player outputs (approx. 1BP per 5 damage)


Duo team

There are several strategies for ensuring survival when playing as a duo team.

  • Use voice chat. Things can get extremely hectic, especially towards the end of the match, and typing wastes valuable seconds.
  • Situational awareness. Know where your partner is at all times, especially when split up over terrain. Players can resurrect their partners.
  • If one partner has terrific aim, consider using the other partner as bait. Just avoid doing this when there are multiple enemies coming from different directions.


Squads have the advantage of numbers over solo and duo players, but that doesn't necessarily mean they should rush into every situation.

  • Have members assigned to roles such as a scouts, snipers, and guards. This is especially important after a squad has established a base of operations.
  • Stay in semi-close proximity when taking a point. Clustering only helps enemy snipers, but staying too far away may mean not being able to rez an ally.
  • Multiple snipers can be used in a baiting strategy, forming a kill box to lure enemies in.

Patch changes


You may spend your BP on the following:

  • Reseting your appearance (changing hair color, hair style, skin color, etc)
  • Buying Soldier's crates (By buying a crate, it's price increases)
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